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Do you qualify for *FREE TRAINING*?

What is the Long Term Care Foundation's Training Network for Adult Family Homes?

The goal of the Long Term Care Foundation’s Training Network is to assist eligible Adult Family Homes in recruiting, training and retaining new, qualified long-term care workers. A portion of this training benefit is negotiated for Adult Family Homes in the collective bargaining agreement between the Adult Family Home Council and the state of Washington and is used to provide a sponsorship benefit to cover the cost of training necessary for a sponsored individual to:

  • become certified as a Home Care Aid (HCA) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

  • and/ or complete selected approved training to further a long-term care workers professional and career development.

Home care aide training in Vancouver, WA

What Trainings are Covered?

  • HCA 75 hours Certification Training + Testing fees

  • Specialty Training (such as Mental Health and Dementia classes)

  • Nurse Delegation Core and Special Focus on Diabetes 

  • HCA Pre-Test Refresher

  • CNA 100 hours Certification Training + Testing

  • HCA to CNA Alternative Bridge Program

  • Adult Family Home Administrator Training

What other services does the Long Term Care Foundation offer qualified Adult Family Homes?

  • Staff currently enrolled for either HCA or CNA Certification Training and Testing qualify the home for a stipend of $24/hour for the staff member completing training

  • Assistance with recruitment through the Long Term Care Foundation

Who is eligible for this program?

To be eligible you must meet ALL of the criteria below:

  • Have an Adult Family Home in Washington,

  • Have a Medicaid-contract with a current Medicaid resident, AND

  • Your employee has worked at least 40 hours in the home with the Medicaid resident

HCA Available in
Olympia & Vancouver
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****When filling out the application for your employee, remember to choose S&H Training Center from the training school options.****

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